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Rhapsody Concerts lets iOS users keep track of music tours, find shows nearby


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Back when SongMatch for Android was introduced to the public, Rhapsody said that its Shazam-esque offering was only the first of many "companion" apps to come. Today, as part of its plans to expand the suite of Rhapsody applications, the streaming service is introducing Concerts. The moniker says it all, really: the new application is designed to be a hub where you can easily keep up with -- you guessed it -- concerts from music artists you're into or even ones you've never heard of. Using a device's location services, Concerts can quickly find gigs around your area and display useful info related to them, including things like an entire show lineup and the ability to buy tickets.

While Concerts isn't limited to Rhapsody subscribers, those who pay the monthly fee do get a couple extra tidbits, such as music playback and track downloads from within the app. Currently, it's only available for iOS, but Rhapsody did tell us that Android and Windows Phone versions are "coming in the next few weeks." For folks who can download right now, however, we have the App Store link below.

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Find Concerts Near You, Hear Who's Playing and Buy Tickets, All in the Latest Addition to Rhapsody's Suite of Music Apps

SEATTLE, WA – June 11, 2013 – Today, Rhapsody, the original streaming music service,

launched Rhapsody Concerts, a new music app that connects fans to the live music experience.

With Rhapsody Concerts, music lovers can find concerts near them, listen to full streams of who's

playing the show and buy tickets directly from their smartphones, anywhere, anytime. Rhapsody

Concerts is free and available for download from the iTunes App Store. Rhapsody Concerts is the

second app in the company's line of free companion apps that let music lovers discover and listen

to music wherever they are and can be used by Rhapsody members and non-members alike.

"Our members are huge music fans and we have always understood that fans want to 'do more

than listen,'" said Paul Springer, senior vice president, product and design, Rhapsody. "While

we were the first service to offer unlimited ad-free listening and the only on-demand service

with expert curated playlists for any occasion, we wanted to go another step forward for fans by

helping them discover great live events. Expect to see more innovation around how we create

new value to Rhapsody members while giving prospective members a variety of ways to engage

with our service."

With Rhapsody Concerts, music lovers have an effortless band tracking and concert discovery

tool that ties back to Rhapsody's core on-demand music experience. The app houses concert

calendars for virtually every venue in the nation and is searchable by venue, artist and location,

so fans easily can find concerts near them. Once you find a concert, you can purchase tickets

and view information about the venue and the show, including opening acts, band bios, pictures,

discography and related artists.

Rhapsody Concerts also lets users listen to music from all of the bands that will be playing the

concert, from the headliners to the opening acts. From there, Rhapsody members can seamlessly

launch playback for any artist they discover via Rhapsody's on-demand library, including a

comprehensive listing of editor-curated playlists that feature the artist they're searching for.

Non-members using the free Rhapsody Concerts app can also get a taste of the full Rhapsody

subscriber experience with a 14-day free trial by visiting

For more information on Rhapsody Concerts or Rhapsody, please visit


About Rhapsody International

Rhapsody International is parent company of leading streaming music services, Rhapsody

and Napster. Initially launched in December 2001, Rhapsody is the original streaming music

service that gives members unlimited on-demand access to more than 20 million songs, whether

they're listening on a PC, laptop, Internet connected home stereo or TV, MP3 player or mobile

phone. In December 2011, Rhapsody International acquired Napster International. Rhapsody

International is headquartered in Seattle, with offices across the U.S. and Europe. Rhapsody and

the Rhapsody logo are registered trademarks of Rhapsody International Inc. Follow @Rhapsody

on Twitter and keep up with the latest on the Rhapsody Facebook page.

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