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Beyond controller support what else does iOS 7 have to offer game developers?


This morning we wrote about the possible impact game controller support may have on iOS 7. But what else will iOS 7 have to offer for game developers? After all we're going to need something to play on those mFi controllers.

Retro gamers should take note of SpriteKit, a new Apple framework for developing simple 2D games with access to powerful game physics. An example of what the Apple exclusive tool is capable of can be viewed below and shows the mix of simplicity and power it has to offer. Given how strong a platform the iPhone has proven itself to be for creative physics games I personally can't wait to see what games developers make out of these new tools.

Developers have also seen new additions added via the re-designed Game Center. The game center now includes support for turn-based games and improved leaderboards. Developers using the Game Center will also have the ability to authenticate players, and securely transmit game scores and achievements.

As multiplayer becomes more important to the system, and easier to accomplish on one screen thanks to controller support, the possibility of having your friends profile and achievements shot to your phone as you play is fun to think about.

Given the popularity of mobile gaming, and the complex politics that are hoarding the next generation of consoles, these seemingly minor developments could have a major impact on the iPhone's share of the game market place.

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