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Microsoft Points from Xbox 360 transfer to Xbox One as real money, 'equal or greater in Marketplace value'


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With the Xbox One, Microsoft is killing off the virtual currency of Xbox Live -- Microsoft Points are soon-to-be no more. But what of remaining balances? Apparently Microsoft's taking care of transfers, and even turning those points back into real currency. "When the transition takes place, the balance of Microsoft Points in an account will be retired and the customer will be given an amount in local currency that is equal or greater in Marketplace value," a Microsoft rep told our friends at Joystiq.

"That value will be stored in your account and can be used similar to Microsoft Points to make purchases in the Xbox Live Marketplace." It sounds to us like you'll be making a permanent move with your account's currency from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One -- 80 MS Points are equal to $1, currently. Regardless, it sure is nice that those virtual bucks aren't locked to a console that we'll soon be retiring to the attic.

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