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Steve Jobs' NeXTcube on display


The Cartoon Art Museum held its annual NeXTEVNT fundraiser on Monday and one of the stars of the show was Steve Jobs' personal NeXTcube that was there on loan from Pixar. Photos of the NeXTcube on display were shot by Dave Hamilton of The Mac Observer. Hamilton attended the event on behalf of TMO, which co-sponsored the shindig with a handful of other tech companies.

The NeXT Cube was brought to the NeXTEVNT event by Cartoon Art Museum board member Dr. Michael Johnson, who is a longtime Objective-C coder and Pixarian. Tickets to the event were US$200 each, and the money raised from ticket sales went to support the Cartoon Art Museum.

You can read more about the event and check out some additional photos on The Mac Observer's website. It looks like some great geek fun.

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