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Breakfast Topic: Why can't I...?

There are lots of things I wonder about the World of Warcraft. Like why can't I be a gnome druid? (Come on, with a kitten form and a bear cub form everyone would be playing one.) Why can't I be a gnome hunter? (Who could ride tamed pets.) Why can't I be a gnome paladin? (Gnomes can already be warriors and priests, so why not combine them?) How can gnomes and goblins jump so high? (This one I don't mind so much, because it's hilarious to see gnomes jumping their own height.) If you're seeing a theme here, well, okay, let's try some questions that are in no way related to gnomes: why can't I fly on Quel'Danas? (Answer: why are you on Quel'Danas?) Why are tamed devilsaurs so much smaller than actual devilsaurs? (Hunter trickery!)

Okay, I admit, there may be practical gameplay reasons for all of these things -- but, come on, Blizzard, can't you see the beauty of gnome druids? At any rate, dear readers, whether you're gnome obsessed or not, you surely have your own strange, unanswered WoW questions: so share them! Do you think your unanswered gameplay questions will ever become gameplay fact?

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