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Crimson Dragon developer Grounding Inc not working on new Nintendo project [update]


Update: Grounding Inc has contacted Joystiq, saying that it is not working on any projects with Nintendo. For the record, in our interview recording Mr. Futatsugi's interpreter clearly states that the company is "currently working on a Nintendo title." Grounding says that Mr. Futatsugi was referring to the company's prior relationship with Nintendo, and that there are no current projects in the works.

Grounding Inc is hard at work creating Crimson Dragon for Xbox One, but the studio is also making another unannounced project for Nintendo, game director Yukio Futatsugi tells Joystiq. Unfortunately, Futatsugi didn't offer any details about the game or which platform it's being developed for.

Crimson Dragon may be getting Grounding the most attention right now, but the studio has a history of working with Nintendo. It developed two Nintendo-published WiiWare games in 2009, and it also released Sakura Samurai on the 3DS eShop last year.

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