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IndieCade at E3: 7 Grand Steps


A group of alligators are stalking one area of the PC roundtable at IndieCade's E3 expo. They're tiny and plastic, and they're all over the laptop for 7 Grand Steps: What Ancients Begat, the first chapter in a new series from longtime indie developer Keith Nemitz, known as Mousechief.

I stopped by Mousechief's table to talk about 7 Grand Steps, a board-game-inspired tale of ancient family drama and not getting eaten by alligators (you hope). Seven Grand Steps launched on Steam for PC and Mac on June 7, and it's already on track to bring in $100,000. So that's cool.

Watch as Nemitz and I discuss the mechanics of a Sopranos story swathed in ancient garb, and the benefits of choosing to be evil. Later today I'll share the last eye-catching game I found at IndieCade's booth, caught on video – just as it captured my heart.

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