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Patch 5.4 PTR: Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart

Matthew Rossi

Sometimes you get hungry. And sometimes when you're hungry you want food that will give you 1007 in a useful stat for one hour. Apparently in patch 5.4, that food will exist, and it will be delicious noodles served piping hot from a noodle cart. Available in both 10 and 25 person varieties, the noodle cart (or Grand noodle cart) is taught by a recipe - where this recipe is learned is up in the air at this point, it could be on a vendor, it could be a drop. We know that both recipes are bind on pickup, so it probably won't be something you see on the AH.

Now, it's possible that the PTR is just giving out odd numbers for stat food at the moment - current Pandaria recipes are listed as giving far higher stats on the PTR than they grant on live. So always remember, it's the PTR, don't be surprised if it changes before it goes live. Still, even if it's just another way to make stat food, who doesn't love a noodle cart?

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