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Rdio announces expansion to seven new countries, reaches Asia for the first time


Rdio may not be available in as many places as, say, Spotify, but the relatively popular music service is certainly doing all it can to get there. As such, Rdio today announced that it has now arrived in seven additional markets, bringing its total presence to 31 countries and making this the first time it's being offered in Asian territory. Hoping to lure folks in, Rdio's quick to point out its promise to deliver up to six months of free internet-based tunes, after which streamers can easily upgrade to one of its various plans (assuming they want to, of course). Fret not if Rdio isn't live in your hood; the company says it's constantly working on expanding its reach, so hopefully we'll see it pop up in more areas pretty soon.

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Rdio Arrives To Asia and Adds Seven New Territories

We're thrilled to welcome Malaysia, Hong Kong, Colombia, Chile, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Poland to Rdio today! This step not only represents our deeper journey into South America and Europe, but also marks Rdio's first step into Asia!

If you're new to Rdio, sign up right now and we'll gift you up to six months of free music. Discover old favorites and new jams with our web and desktop apps without ever pulling out the plastic. At any time you can upgrade to Rdio Web or Rdio Unlimited to stream unlimited music everywhere you go.

This exciting milestone brings Rdio to 31 countries in five continents! We're constantly expanding our reach so let us know here where you'd like to see Rdio available next.

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