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The Queue: Man of Steel tonight and I'm freaking out

Matthew Rossi

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.

Yesterday was the huge Patch 5.4 infodump. Today, I'm going to see Man of Steel. So I'm all sorts of freaking out right now. Let's talk about WoW before I spin out of control and just start talking about Kryptonian Thought Beasts and the Jeweled Mountains of Krypton and Kandor and oh my Rao tonight is Man of Steel I am freaking out here.

And yes, a Thought-Beast was a big dinosaur looking monster with a screen on its forehead that showed you what it was thinking. In this case, it was thinking I want to eat that guy.. I don't know what possible evolutionary benefit that is, but there you go. Since a lot of these questions are about patch 5.4, expect many spoilers.

Thieren asks:
Any info on the Stromgarde Keep scenario that people are now talking about?
Please say it's true!

Anne covered the little we know about the Scenario in this post yesterday. All we know is that it exists, basically. Is it going to be the Alliance reclaiming it, the Horde taking it over, something else? We have no idea yet.

So many people that I'm gonna paraphrase the question:
Oh no, Nazgrim is a boss in the raid, does that mean we have to kill him? I like Nazgrim! (Replace Nazgrim with the Klaxxi Paragons for a whole lot of people.)

First off, yes, it does appear that both Nazgrim and the Klaxxi Paragons are bosses in the new raid. Until we actually get to see these fights, we don't know if that means we'll be killing them or not, but it appears at least likely. And frankly, to a certain degree the fact that we've come to care about these characters means that the raid has more emotional depth - instead of it being Nameless Big Orc #7, it's Nazgrim, that guy we met in the Grizzly Hills, ended up working alongside in Vashj'ir, and who even called us friend in the Jade Forest and Kun'Lai Summit. This makes the reality of this war all the more evident - good people, doing the best they can to live up to their ideals, end up on the opposite sides of the coin and in the end those hard choices cost us both in casualties and in the scars left by knowing that in doing what you have to do, you'll hurt someone you've come to respect.

As for the Klaxxi, well, we did work with them in the Dread Wastes, but they were up front about it: the younger races are just fodder for the evolution of the mantid, our gods are not their gods, and in the end they serve Y'Shaarj. Now, we don't know why they're in the Siege yet - they could be there to serve Garrosh as the current holder of Y'Shaarj's heart, or they could be there trying to steal it back and bring Y'Shaarj totally back. We'll only find out once we see the fight. Either way, though, I think that us feeling a connection to these characters makes the fights more interesting and fun.

Nocjin asks:
Are polearms being titan grippable likely to have any bearing in mogging other 2h melee weapons into polearms? I really love the look but there just aren't enough str ones to actually use.

So far, no. Polearms and staves mog together, just like swords/axes/maces mog together. I have tested this on the PTR, and as of June 13th (as I type this) you can only use polearms and staves to mog your polearm. I mogged Bo-Ris to the Exodar Life-Staff.

ArtoVallivirta asks:
Malkorok, very mysterious figure. He was brought out in Tides of War, but what is this guy anyway? Is he the driving force behind Garrosh's ideas of the Horde or did Garrosh walk to some secret corner in Blackrock mountain and asked "Wanna come and make the Horde strong with me?" I hope we get some light to this character either in the upcoming novel or in game. I don't want to just walk up to him and fight him before knowing why is he really there

If you remember during Cataclysm, Eitrigg and his son Ariok worked to undermine the Blackrock Clan's current Dark Horde leadership and bring the Blackrocks into the Horde proper. Garrosh offered them an amnesty if they'd join, and many of them took him up on it, as Garrosh's attitude suited them a lot more than Thrall's did. This brought Blackrocks like Malkorok into the fold, so to speak. Since Garrosh personally recruited them (and the Dragonmaw) into the Horde, they bring their older, more Old Horde way of doing things and combine it with personal loyalty to Garrosh, not Thrall or the other Horde races. In essence, Garrosh has recruited and made the Old Horde into his most loyal supporters.

We see Malkorok in the Dark Heart of Pandaria scenario. He's not a fan of goblins, or really, any non-orcs. He's kind of a racist.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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