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Triposo gets major update just in time for summer travel

Mel Martin

I liked Triposo (free) when I reviewed it earlier this year. It's a detailed worldwide travel and vacation planning guide.

Triposo has just been updated with many new and welcome features, making it an even more useful travel companion. The original version had a definite bias for big-city destinations, but now the app has added more than 22,000 towns with practical information such as locations of pharmacies and public transportation. There are an additional 400,000 points of interest, with museums, historical markers and natural landmarks. More than 50,000 new attractions have been added as well, and they are the more out-of-the-way places that many travelers will love, such as waterfalls, castles and more obscure, but worthwhile places to see away from the big cities.

You can also download free travel packs for your area, which contains detailed maps that don't require a data connection. That's a real benefit, especially if you visit some of those small towns.

I gave the app a spin on my iPhone, and saw many more points of interest around me than I saw in the older version. The app has a new layout which is very intuitive, and it was clear there are a lot of new and more arcane points of interest when I tested from my location in Arizona.

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The only negative is the app can find places to visit but has no links to Apple or Google Maps to get directions. It seems a significant oversight in a travel guide.

If you are planning a big summer trip, or even want to explore closer to home, Triposo is worth a spot in your travel apps folder. I'd like to see the app continue to add enhancements and add better mapping.

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