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Acer won't do Windows Phone this year, wants Microsoft to pick up the pace


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It's been a long, long time since Acer launched a Windows Phone... and from all indications, we're going to keep waiting. The company's Allen Burnes tells Pocket-lint that Windows Phone 8 is good, but "not the right decision" for Acer in 2013. His firm is concerned with boosting sales volume, and the Liquid series of Android phones are currently better for that task, Burnes says. In his mind, Microsoft has to make a stronger case for Windows Phone -- Acer will come back to the OS once there's improved marketing and (hopefully) more demand. We aren't entirely surprised that Acer is holding off when it's already reluctant to back Windows RT, but the cautious attitude is still a disappointment for those who want a little more diversity in Microsoft's mobile ecosystem.

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