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Breakfast Topic: How much has WoW cost you?

If you've been playing World of Warcraft since it launched in 2004, that's eight years of subscription fees, expansion pack purchases, and character transfers -- not to mention the cost of tshirts, vanity pets, BlizzCon tickets, and any other swag you might have picked up along the way. And while we don't pay much a month, it definitely adds up -- ka-king! -- to the tune of $179.88 a year if you pay month to month. And, while I definitely think I've gotten my money's worth, the amount I've spent on WoW over the years adds up to a frankly embarrassing sum.

And instead of sharing that figure with you, I'm going to segue into today's Breakfast Topic: just how much have you spent on WoW since you started playing? And, in the end, has it been worth it?

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