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Chrome, Yahoo!, Vine see growth with iPhone active users


Onavo is an Android and iOS app that helps users keep their monthly data usage down by compressing app data in the cloud. The company anonymously keeps track of how long users are actually using their apps and then turns that real-time use data into rankings of which apps are currently on the rise. On their latest gains chart the biggest increases on iOS were for Yahoo Mail, Sonic Dash, Vine, Yahoo Weather and Chrome.

Yahoo found great success with their Mail and Weather apps, with the Weather app in particular being a cause for celebration for the company. In its launch month of April, Yahoo Weather had an iOS market share of 2.83 percent according to Onavo's data. Meanwhile Yahoo Mail jumped from 1.73 percent in March to a solid 2 percent in April. It's worth noting that in December the app was at 0.82 percent of active users, and its growth was consistant for the first four months of the year.

Sonic Dash was released in March, but only managed to snag 0.83 percent of iOS users for the racer, but by April it had rapidly grown to 3 percent of active users.

Vine has seen continual growth since its debut in January. In its first month the app managed to lure in 1.77 percent of active users with the promise of six-second films. By April the company had 7.63 percent of active iOS users Vining up a storm. Given its incredible potential for cat videos we understand why the app is so popular.

Finally Chrome's growth on iOS continued after a brief lull at the beginning of the year, jumping to 14.3 percent of active iOS users from 10.9 percent in March. The jump coincides with the April update that brought fullscreen and wireless printing support to the iOS browser.

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