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Hotline Miami 2 is in demand, we heard it through these great Vines


Hotline Miami 2 made a surprise appearance at E3, tucked away in an Airstream trailer provided by publisher Devolver Digital. We saw it, but we're not allowed to talk about it until next week. It's getting plenty of attention on its own already – the official Hotline Miami Twitter account retweeted a series of Vines of people reading our Hotline Miami 2 post and literally throwing money at their screens and performing other acts of excitement.

At least, we're pretty sure donning a horse-head mask and wielding a pistol is an act of excitement.

"Please make this @Joystiq article viewing thing a meme, internet," Hotline Miami tweeted. "Love you."

Check out a few fans expressing emotions about Hotline Miami 2 in the Vines below, and submit your own reaction to this post to @HotlineMiami.

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