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In the EVE VR cockpit: CCP's space dogfighting demo for Oculus Rift


As I strapped into my faux-fighter, thanks to CCP's EVE VR Oculus Rift demo, nothing could've prepared me for the large-scale space battle to come.

Controlling my ship was surprisingly easy with the Xbox 360 controller. The shoulder buttons handle yaw, but the left analog stick was effective at dictating ship orientation on its own. Looking toward enemy ships and focusing on them for a few moments would lock missiles. In movies, lining up a ship and opening fire looks fairly easy; in EVE VR, this is a difficult feat for a newbie such as myself.

I've always entertained the idea that, should my Joystiq career come to a premature end, I could always fall back on being a space fighter pilot – you know, that old chestnut. After my performance in EVE VR, however, I'll have to rethink that strategy.

At least I wasn't wearing a red shirt.

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