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Mad Catz Tournament Edition 2 FightStick for Xbox One is customizable, out this fall

Jordan Mallory

Mad Catz has a brand-spankin-new arcade stick to go along with Microsoft's brand-spankin-new Xbox One: the Tournament Edition 2 FightStick. At first glance, it may look like nothing more than a slightly flashier version of the existing models, but beyond the fact that it comes equipped with the same Sanwa Denshi parts, the TE2 is a whole new beast.

The case opens on a hinge, to start with. Pressing the Mad Catz logo on the front of the unit releases a latch that grants access to the internals of the stick, which has been designed so that nearly every piece of the thing can be replaced or customized with the user's choice of buttons, micro-switches, LED mods or what-have-you. There's even compartments for extra buttons and an on-board screwdriver for removing the mounting bracket that holds the buttons and stick.

We weren't allowed to photograph the inside of the stick as its design isn't finalized, but we're told the final version will also contain storage for spare joysticks and the TE2's detachable cable, which will be sold in varying lengths. What we did see, however, was the stock LED lighting effects under the buttons and on the side panels. The stick is also designed in such a way that the artwork can be replaced without having to remove the joystick or buttons.

Mad Catz was unable to comment on whether replacement side panels will be sold, or if replacement plexiglass inserts will be available for people that prefer different button layouts. The Tournament Edition 2 FightStick will be available alongside the Xbox One at launch, though its price point has yet to be announced.

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