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MMO Week in Review: E3 didn't suck


At the end of every week, we round up the best and most popular news stories, exclusive features, and insightful columns published on Massively and then present them all in one convenient place. If you missed a big MMO or WoW Insider story last week, you've come to the right post.

Color us surprised: What we expected to be another hum-drum E3 for the MMO industry was actually packed with genuine reveals and even new title announcements. Massively's away team returned home loaded down with interviews and hands-on with big-budget MMOs like WildStar, huge console-port news for several games including The Elder Scrolls Online, and a peek at upcoming IP-driven titles like Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade.

Join us after the break for a roundup of all our E3 coverage as well as a few other top MMO stories from the past week.


E3 2013: The Elder Scrolls Online will land on the PS4 and Xbox One
E3 2013: Stealing cabbages in The Elder Scrolls Online
E3 2013: Hands-on with The Elder Scrolls Online
E3 2013: Bethesda on next-gen consoles, endgame, and character skills in ESO
E3 2013: Not so wild about WildStar
E3 2013: Chatting with Team WildStar
E3 2013: WildStar press briefing and Q&A with Jeremy Gaffney
E3 2013: Trion's role in bringing ArcheAge to the West
E3 2013: Final Fantasy XIV shows off PS3 UI
E3 2013: Final Fantasy XIV's A Realm Reborn returns the game to its roots
The Mog Log: Final Fantasy XIV beta phase (E)3
E3 2013: Final Fantasy XIV shows off the vicissitudes of FATE and the new jobs
E3 2013: Final Fantasy XIV gets PlayStation 4 berth
E3 2013: Behaviour announces Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade
E3 2013: Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade is all about war
E3 2013: Previewing Defiance's new DLC
E3 2013: Dragon's Prophet impressions from open beta to now
E3 2013: Dragon's Prophet's PvP, raids, and housing
E3 2013: Hands-on with HEX
E3 2013: Taking another look at HEX
E3 2013: Hands-on with steampunkish Black Gold
E3 2013: Bungie reveals Destiny's first 'gameplay' video
E3 2013: The secrets of TUG's universe
E3 2013: DayZ shows off its standalone gameplay
E3 2013: Infinite Crisis super-punches MOBA flaws
E3 2013: Snail Games' Black Gold and Age of Wushu
E3 2013: Prime World tones down gender issues
E3 2013: TERA approaches two million players, welcomes pirates
E3 2013: The Crew racing game boasts 'persistent online world,' boss fights
E3 2013: Open-world racing with The Crew
E3 2013: DCUO plans to remain completely free on PS4
E3 2013: Porting DCUO and PlanetSide 2 to the PlayStation 4
E3 2013: Ubisoft announces 'MMO shooter' The Division
E3 2013: The Division, Ubisoft's MMO shooter
E3 2013: DUST 514 and EVE's virtual reality demo
E3 2013: Check out DUST 514's new trailer, EVE Online screenies
E3 2013: Warframe is coming to a PS4 near you
E3 2013: World of Tanks is blasting its way to the 360
E3 2013: World of Warplanes soars into open beta on July 2nd
E3 2013: Hands-on with Zynga's Solstice Arena MOBA
E3 2013: On Star Citizen's E3 absence
E3 2013: Webzen teases Mu Chronicle R and other titles

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Raiding in WildStar is its own creature

WoW Insider
And from our sister site, WoW Insider...
Target audience of WoW's flex raiding shouldn't min/max group size
Blizzard details updates to Hearthstone
WoW patch 5.4 PTR: Datamined NPC, mount, and pet models
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