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NES cleverly turned into an iPhone speaker dock


E3 took the gaming world by storm last week, so it's fitting that we take a walk down memory lane today with this old Nintendo Entertainment System that is now an iPhone dock. Made by Pete Morris, the same guy who did the Atari speaker dock, the speaker system tightly integrates into the remnants of what once was Nintendo's crown jewel.

Housed inside the console is a speaker system with six EQ settings, FM radio and support for apps. The iPhone fits in the front of the console, and the open lid provides a convenient backrest for the device. The dock uses a 30-pin connector, but a Lightning adapter is available as an optional accessory.

Once plugged in, the NES controller lets you change the volume, control playback and power on the dock. The lighted display on the dock can show the volume, the frequency of the current radio station and even the time when the dock is off. It's a clever new use of old technology.

The NES speaker dock is available to purchase on Etsy for £185.00 (US$290). The dock is designed for the iPhone 3GS/4/4S, but you can convert it to support the iPhone 5 by purchasing a Lightning port adapter for £25.00 ($40).

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