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Apple TV 5.4 beta adds iTunes Radio, Conference Room Display


Apple has released the Apple TV 5.4 beta to developers. The latest beta software for Apple's set-top box adds support for several new features, notes The first up is iTunes Radio, which Apple announced at WWDC would be coming to Apple TV in the fall. iTunes Radio functions much as it will over iOS 7: users can access the Apple TV's built-in Music app to stream songs over the internet.

Perhaps the coolest new feature is called Conference Room Display. As the name suggests, this mode is aimed at Apple TVs in the workplace. Users can set the Apple TV's home screen with a custom image, like a corporate or event logo, and a custom message. Viewers will see the custom image and message and also an overlay telling them how to connect their devices to the Apple TV.

Finally, Apple has added increased subtitle features to the Apple TV. Users can now choose between closed captioning or subtitles and also alter the way subtitles look. Users will be able to set the font color and size and also the background color of subtitles.

It is presumed that Apple will release the Apple TV 5.4 software to users when iOS 7 ships in the fall.

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