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Avengers Alliance out now on iOS, Where's My Mickey coming tomorrow


Disney's got two big releases arriving on the App Store last week and this week, one we've been waiting on for a while, and another that combines one of the company's oldest properties with one of the newest.

The first is Avengers Alliance, which is now out and available on the App Store as a free download. This game started off on Facebook, and it's still incredibly popular over there (or at least I assume it is, given all of the references and requests from it in my feed). Marvel originally teased an iOS version to us a little while back, but now the game is out in all of its glory. Unfortunately, Disney/Marvel didn't figure out a way to connect the iOS version up to the Facebook version, so the reviews on iTunes are full of people angry that they can't carry their progress over. In the meantime, however, if you've been waiting for an iOS version of the game to play, there it is.

Disney has also announced a new game called Where's My Mickey, coming to the App Store this week, which combines none other than Mickey Mouse with the popular Where's My Water game. The title will have five chapters, all with animated episode intros, as well as new weather mechanics to play with. As usual, there will be collectibles that can open up new levels, and the tablet version of the game will have exclusive XL levels designed to be played on a big screen. Where's My Mickey will be US$0.99 on the iPhone, and $1.99 on the iPad, and be available on the App Store tomorrow morning.

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