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Hazel 3.1 update adds powerful date-matching feature


Noodlesoft's Hazel is a file-organization tool for Mac OS X that uses a set of customizable rules to automatically move and sort your information. It can be set to automatically move your new music or movies to your Music and Movies folders, or sort files by name, email address, the website they came from and much more. For people who'd rather keep working than sort files, it can be a great time-saving tool for keeping your desktop and downloads folder clear.

Today Hazel released version 3.1, which adds a powerful new date-matching feature to the software. The feature allows you to search the contents of a document for text formatted as a date, so if you need to quickly find a digital copy of an insurance report from June 19, 2013 you simply need to set Hazel to look for that date. Hazel knows to look for different kinds of date formatting, converting slashes to dashes when the moment needs it.

You can see video of the feature being used below made by blogger David Sparks. Hazel 3.1 is currently available for download from Noodlesoft as a free 14-day trial. If you'd like to purchase the program at the end of your trial it will set you back US$28.

Hazel 3.1 from David Sparks on Vimeo.

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