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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number due out 'late 2013' for PC, Mac, Linux


Beneath our descriptions of violence, twisted psyches and new features within Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, there lies relevant information about the game that you surely shouldn't miss: It's due out this year – Dennaton co-founder Denis Wedin told us at E3 that it would be "late 2013" – and it's coming for sure to PC, Mac and Linux via Steam.

Dennaton is talking with console companies about potential releases, and regarding Vita specifically, Wedin said, "We hope so." Wrong Number is a darker, more emotional journey through the lives of multiple, playable characters as they rampage throughout the '90s, enacting their own brands of bloody justice. Wedin wouldn't divulge how many playable characters were in Wrong Number, but the demo featured the Pig Butcher and the Fans – and there will be a playable lady character in there, Wedin told us.

Dennaton doesn't have any plans for multiplayer in Wrong Number, at least not at first. They may add something down the line, Wedin said, but the story in the main campaign is the priority.

"We tried to give different storylines to the characters, tried to work with different emotions – not just being crazy or like a psychopath," Wedin said. "We tried to give them other backstories." Wrong Number tackles deep feelings and character motivations, but it isn't a complete break from its Hotline Miami roots, Wedin stressed:

"We're super proud of how [Hotline Miami] works and people seem to like it a lot, so we're only going to add more enemies and more weapons and more and more. So if you love the feeling and the pace of the difficulty in the first game, it's going to be in the second one."

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