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Jimmy Fallon's Late Night: We are the World of Warcraft


In honor of Video Game Week, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon's team collaborated with Felicia Day, Chris Hardwick and the WoW community to put a video together of a parody song, as you can see above. The video was aired last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and shows off not only the three aforementioned stars, but also several podcasters, streamers, and content creators, all members of our WoW community.

As one of those people, specifically the one swaying gently with the gryphon plushy, I can give you a little bit of background! Blizzard sent out an email a couple of weeks back, asking for people to create a video of themselves singing along to the chorus. There were no other stipulations, and, as Blizzard had no control whatsoever over the finished product, there were no guarantees that your clip would be included. And, of course, we had to keep it under our hats. Luckily, they didn't use our audio. Hope you like it, I was honored to be included!

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