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Apple wins Grand Prix for Press award for iPad mini print ads


Apple and its advertising firm TBWA Media Arts Lab have won the prestigious Grand Prix for Press award for a recent print campaign advertising the iPad mini. The ad's clever images depicted a life-sized iPad mini on the back cover of several magazines, which itself bore the cover of said magazine. The result gave readers an idea of what their magazine would look like on Apple's handheld device. The award was given at the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France.

The critically acclaimed print campaign ran last year on The New Yorker, Time and others. One of the jurors, Marcello Serpa, told Ad Age that Apple and TBWA won because the campaign "...has a kind of guerrilla feeling. It's a product that goes inside the media and says I'm going to kill you, [then] I'm going to save you. Let's embrace. It's redemption."

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