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Aviary 3.0 for Android features new interface and photo filters


Now that Aviary has been on its own for a year, its developers have seen it fit to give its Android app a modest overhaul. Aviary version 3.0 packs in a new interface, an improved focus tool, a beefed up color splash feature and an array of goofy stickers. The Enhance tool has also been expanded to offer three distinct options -- Hi-Def, Illuminate and Color Fix -- each tweaking your photo's sharpness, brightness and color settings, respectively. Aviary's filters went through a renovation as well, with the developers adding the erstwhile iOS-only Woodlands Effect Pack as an in-app purchase. Head on over to Google Play or click the source links below to download the app -- it was good enough for Jeff Bezos, so it might have the potential to win your photo-filter-loving heart.

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