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Best Buy bringing back 'free iPhone 5' with 4/4S trade-in


Earlier this month we reported that Best Buy was running a iPhone 5 sale where you could get a "free" iPhone 5 with a trade in a iPhone 4 or 4S. That was made possible by Best Buy's current US$50 discount on the iPhone 5, good through June 29, and a special $150 trade-in credit on the 4 and 4S for this deal. The first sale went like gangbusters, leading to Best Buy's best trade-in day in the program's four-year history. So you know what that means -- the sale returns.

The sale starts again tomorrow, and will run until July 29th. As before, there are a few fine-print details you should be aware of. First, T-Mobile fans are out of luck. This deal only covers Verizon, AT&T and Sprint iPhone users. And since this is a trade-in program, if your 4 or 4S looks like it's been through a war, you're not going to get the full $150 trade-in credit.

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