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Breakfast Topic: What's the funniest quest in the game?


This question was recently asked on the US forums, and WoW Insider thought it was such a great discussion topic that we'd ask our wonderful readers what they thought. So, as the title puts it, what's the funniest quest in the game?

Several commenters mentioned The Day that Deathwing Came in their replies on the general forums, but I have another Badlands quest for your consideration, and that is It's Goat Time, Baby. Yes, the stories were funny, and the realization that his motorbike could fly, and that it would have been helpful to know that sooner, are both highly entertaining. But, for me, punching goats off the side of Fuselight has that one beat seven ways since Sunday. I love it. I love punching the goats off the steep hills, I love that there's an achievement, Ready, Set, Goat!, for successfully punching the goats at high speed. I love that you get a goat-puncher to do it with. That an NPC actually went to the trouble of creating a specific device for the punching of goats. Everything about this quest is wonderful.

But enough about me and my goat-punching ways, what about you? What's your personal pet quest? What tickles your fancy?

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