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Photoful for iPhone offers beautiful, useful photo organization


Photoful for iPhone (free in the App Store) is a gesture-based photo gallery with a heavy emphasis on organization and ease. Version 2.0 has been released today. In some ways it reminds me of Apple's Photos under iOS 7. Photos taken at the same location and around the same time are stored together. You can pinch in/out to navigate at any time. Small cues let you know where you are as you scroll quickly.

Other features are unlike Apple's solution, including a swipe gesture that lets you batch-select photos. It also feels like an iOS 7 app, so eager beavers can enjoy a bit of that flattened goodness now, and Photoful will feel at home after we all upgrade. Here are just a few of this app's many features.

Photoful looks like an iOS 7 app. There are shiny buttons or bezels. The black-and-white text and black icons are easy to read. In the brief time that I've been using it, I've loved the app's approach to organization. It's smart enough to sort your photo library and does so right off the bat. Tagging helps a lot, too, and your tag list is just a swipe away. In fact, almost every feature is a swipe away.

I'll have a full review of Photoful early next week. Until then, check it out for yourself. It is free, after all.

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