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    Daily iPhone App: Leaping Legends is a snarky endless runner from Everplay


    You may remember (or, like me, still be playing) Ninjump, the vertical endless runner from Backflip Studios. Kris Jones of Everplay Interactive (who we've covered here before) is also a big fan and has borrowed the idea for Everplay's latest title, Leaping Legend. In fact, Everplay has borrowed a lot for this one -- not only does the gameplay innovate on Ninjump's core idea, but there are all kinds of wacky in-jokes and references hidden in Leaping Legend and its various mechanics.

    You play a knight who constantly runs up two walls by jumping back and forth. There are various powerups to grab along the way (like a shield or sword to defend or attack as you go), and you can move up or down the screen to dodge obstacles. I found this game tough, but then again, I didn't use any of the plentiful boosts that you need to buy with collected coins. There are also skins to buy, and items to help your progress as you conquer various goals and achievements.

    One minor issue I have is with restarting the game. There's a button clearly labeled "replay" which actually sends you back to the main menu, and its placement is awkward. My finger often opened up Game Center or turned the sound off instead of restarting the game as I wanted. A minor tweak would take care of it, but in a game like this where you're meant to go back to the beginning over and over, it was more of a frustration than it needed to be.

    Other than that, Leaping Legend is a fun title, with some solid core gameplay and references to everything from Zelda to Skyrim. I'm still looking forward to Everplay's Ace of Blades, but until then, this will do just fine.

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