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Engadget Podcast 349 - 06.21.13

Joe Pollicino

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"You don't have Facebook? Then how do you get on Farmville?," asks Brian as Peter explains his disdain for the world's largest social network. While Tim was relatively mum on that subject, it turns out he broke his Google Glass... somehow. So, while the aforementioned bearded wizard works on getting a replacement -- and 3D printing a better case -- feel free to hear about this week's biggest stories in consumer electronics by streaming our newest episode below.

Hosts: Tim Stevens, Peter Rojas, Brian Heater

Producer: Joe Pollicino

Hear the podcast:

00:03:40 - Engadget + gdgt Live is happening in NYC on June 24th, come join us!
00:08:05 - Submissions for Expand's Insert Coin: New Challengers competition now open!
00:10:07 - Xbox One DRM rollback cuts family sharing features, digital mirroring of retail games out
00:18:44 - Samsung ATIV Q: hands-on with Sammy's new Windows-Android slider
00:22:14 - Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus and ATIV Book 9 Lite hands-on
00:24:17 - Samsung announces ATIV Tab 3: an 8.2mm thin Windows 8 slate with Galaxy DNA
00:25:54 - Samsung ATIV One 5 Style AIO hands-on
00:28:02 - Samsung Galaxy NX mirrorless camera: hands-on with an Android ILC
00:32:49 - Facebook announces Video on Instagram to take on Vine
00:40:03 - GEAK Ring puts NFC on your finger, unlocks phones and shares your contact card
00:43:12 - Stratasys to acquire 3D printing company MakerBot for $403 million in stock
00:46:27 - On the sidelines of SparkFun's Autonomous Vehicle Competition (video)

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