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Play around with iOS 7 in your browser (Updated)


OK, so you're not an iOS developer and you're not particularly interested in possibly borking your one and only iPhone, but you'd still like to try out some of the features of iOS 7. Well, the folks at Recombu have created an "Interactive iOS 7 Demo" that you can play with and fantasize about that day later this year when your iPhone will be running the new OS.

As our very own Dave Caolo noted, "It's extremely limited. Essentially a bunch of static photos. But still, you can poke around." At least it gives muggles (non-developers, in this case) a facsimile to play with without causing a potential disaster. Those static images show what some of the new built-in apps look like as well, even to the point of letting you use the built-in FaceTime HD camera on your Mac to play with the revised Camera app.

The parallax view that's visible and so enthralling in the real iOS 7 beta isn't possible with the interactive demo, so that's one item you'll just have to wait for.

[via 9to5Mac]

Update: Well, apparently someone at Apple wasn't too happy with Recombu's nifty iOS 7 simulator, as it has been shut down. There's a nice video from the Recombu folks explaining why it's not up and running, as well as a link to Apple's iOS 7 preview page.

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