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Roguelike 'Our Darker Purpose' goes from grad school project to Kickstarter


Our Darker Purpose is a roguelike, action RPG that takes place in an eerie boarding school where all of the teachers suddenly disappear, and the children establish a Lord of the Flies system of governance. It's chaos, mostly. Players take control of Cordy, who is on a quest to the Administrators' offices at the top of the Edgewood Home for Lost Children.

With a name like that, you'd think the students would expect some funny business.

Our Darker Purpose developers at Avidly Wild Games in Boston are well into a Kickstarter campaign asking for $40,000 – it has six days left and has so far raised $20,000.

"Right now we don't have plans to release if we don't hit funding, though to be honest, it's not something we've given much thought to," Avidly founder David Roth tells Joystiq. "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it (and hopefully we won't)."

Until this point, Roth and his partner, Will Wu, have been funding Our Darker Purpose out-of-pocket. It started as a graduate school project. "But, little by little, we realized we were putting way more time into it than on school, and we decided to try to make it real," Roth says. "We're on Kickstarter because, coming out of school, we don't really have the personal resources at this point to take this to the level that we want to."

Avidly Wild says inspirations for Our Darker Purpose cover A Link to the Past, The Binding of Isaac and Diablo. It's planned for PC, with possible Mac and Linux installments later on, and it would love to join the Steam party. Hit up all the details on the Kickstarter.

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