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WoW Moviewatch: Hard Like Heroic

Work Warning: There's some allusions and innuendo in this video. Welcome to another exciting round of Staff Picks in Moviewatch. This week, we'll be reviewing Hard Like Heroic by Nyhm, a particular favorite of Daniel Whitcomb. Why Hard Like Heroic?

Nhym's still one of my favorite WoW machinimists of all time, repping the BC era warlock gear and spinning really funny parodies. As someone who played a Warlock pretty heavily in the BC era and still keeps her in skulls and spikes, I appreciate that. I also like his honest singing voice, better than it was on the I PuG KZ (another great video), but still... authentic for lack of a better word. The video's also full of fun imagery, a bridge by Summergale (Troll Shaman supremacy), and after the video, you get a bonus dig at Illegal Danish.

I can't believe this video is 6 years old. It feels like yesterday I was humming it while cruising around Outland. It's hilarious how much of the humor is still good.
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