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Dragon Quest X headed to Japanese PCs

Jordan Mallory

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Dragon Quest X will come to Japanese Windows machines on September 26, Square Enix announced today during a livestream broadcast. The Toriyama-infused MMO, which originally debuted on the Wii last August, also launched on Wii U in March, though to comparatively lackluster results.

The PC version will be available in two flavors: A ¥3,990 standard edition that includes 20 days of free game time, and a ¥9,800 "Special Pack" bundle, which comes with a DQX-themed controller, security authenticator, Monster Encyclopedia, microfiber world map and item code for an as-of-yet unannounced in-game goodie.

Folks interested in getting in on the ongoing beta test can do so by downloading Nvidia's benchmarking tool – successfully passing will provide the opportunity to apply for beta access. Oh, and you need to speak Japanese. That's kind of an important piece to this whole "non-westernized Japan-only RPG" puzzle.

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