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Acrylic Display Frames for iOS devices show off your work or ads

Ilene Hoffman

newMacgadgets has introduced interesting and useful products for those of us who need to display samples or ads in any environment. Their line of Acrylic Signs lets you secure your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch in a secure, rotating acrylic case for display.

The acrylic frames come in three sizes to accomodate the iPad 2 and up, iPad mini and the iPhone 5 or iPod touch. Each model inclues a 360-degree rotating mount, with a 1-inch frame and outer frame that holds the iOS device inside with tamper-proof screws. You can order a "home-button guard frame to prevent interruption of continuous running applications" also. The mount may be secured to a counter with screws or with the included clear adhesive strips. In addition, the base has slots for the charging cable, earphones and on/off switch. The charging cable secures below the base mount.

Acrylic Display Frames Mount

Each frame ships in the portrait position, but newMacgadgets can customize your frame to show in the landscape position, if requested. Prices range from US$89.95 to $109.95. Other displays to hold items such as headphones, wall mounts and other devices are also available.

As a photographer who sometimes sells at local fairs, I think the Acrylic Sign for iPad could be very useful. Artists know that it's not always feasible to display all of their products in a confined space. The Acrylic sign case allows you to use your iOS device to display larger products or products available to order. Combine this visual display with marketing cards and your product sale potential continues on, long after your customer has left your space.

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