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ArenaNet aiming for new Guild Wars 2 content every two weeks

Jef Reahard

How would fresh Guild Wars 2 content twice a month grab you? If that sounds pretty good, you'll probably want to read ArenaNet lead content designer Mike Zadorojny's comments on

"We're doing three weeks [updates] currently, but now we're pushing to two weeks," Zadorojny told the website. "It's a marathon not a sprint and we've been getting better with each of our releases in terms of how we budget, how we plan it out, how we manage personnel, etc. Now we have four full living world teams that are building these content updates, so that we can stagger releases and make sure that people can decompress and get the quality time necessary to build a good design document before going back in and trying to implement it all over again."

The twice monthly updates will reportedly include new features and story content as well as new loot and achievements.

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