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Atari requested Baldur's Gate: EE removal from iOS, Oster says


Beamdog CEO Trent Oster has said that Atari is the "unknown publishing partner" behind the removal of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition from the iOS App Store. "At the request of Atari legal we removed the game from sale on Beamdog and the App stores," Oster told Game Informer recently. "Atari is still selling the game through their channels."

Those "channels" would be the official Atari site, Steam, and, where the game is still available for sale. It's unclear why Atari wouldn't want the game selling in other places, but Oster has said both a patch and an enhanced sequel have been put on hold due to the dispute.

"We're trying to remedy the situation and I'm hopeful we can come to an arrangement," he said to Game Informer. Joystiq has reached out to Atari for more information, and will update here if we hear back.

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