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Buy your friends a present in Guild Wars 2 with gem store gifting

Eliot Lefebvre

All right, let's be honest -- you screwed up bad last night in Guild Wars 2. And you'd prefer to not have all of your friends hate you. You're going to need to give gifts, and we're talking real gifts here. Why not take advantage of the fact that the Gem Store now offers the option to gift items to your friends? You can choose the item to gift, select as many recipients as you'd like, and then send them all with a personalized message of your choice.

But what will you gift them? Maybe one of the new items to go along with today's content patch? We're sure some of your friends would like some of the Aetherblade Armor Skins, or perhaps a new Tybalt Backpack Plushie, or a Custom Arena Starter Kit. And after you're done buying gifts, you could always buy more for yourself. Charity starts at home, right? You deserve a treat.

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