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Community Blog Topic: What is your favorite playable race?


For this week's Community Blog Topic, we're going to talk about race. Which one is your favorite playable race? For me it's the Forsaken. I love how tragic their backstory is. I love the concept of a zombie race that isn't mindless. And I love their leader, The Banshee Queen, The Dark Lady, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.

I really love their starting quests and I particularly think Silverpine Forest is brilliant. Everyone should play through it at least once. Even if you aren't into playing Horde, it's the only way to get the full story of the worgen -- which I agree isn't quite fair to the ex-Gilneans.

I also love getting into arguments about whether or not they are evil. As I said in that post, I consider them more amoral than immoral. I also think that Sylvanas's current way of increasing the population makes perfect sense for them. It's an excellent use of the otherwise unemployed Val'kyr and why let all of those dead bodies go to waste?

The odd thing is that I actually don't have any high level undead characters. My max level characters are a tauren, a blood elf and a pandaren. That's partially due to the classes I play. Forsaken can't be druids or paladins. They can be monks, but I hopped on the panda bandwagon when monks were released and didn't look back.

I have a mage who is closing in on 90, but she's a goblin -- having jumped on that bandwagon back when goblins were fresh and new. This is all guilting me into either playing one of my lower level undead alts or creating a new one.

So what is your favorite playable race? Is it also the race of your main character? Do you have several characters of your preferred race, or are you disloyal like me? Why do you prefer your favorite race? Blog your answer and put a link into the comments below or just respond by leaving a comment. We'll spotlight some of the responses next week.

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