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If you have food intolerance or allergies this is the app for you

Mel Martin

Food Intolerances is a US$5.99 universal app designed to help those whose diet is restricted by a food allergy or intolerance. It is believed that up to 15 million Americans have food allergies. Food intolerance doesn't involve the immune system, but is a strong adverse reaction to a particular food. Many people have these issues but don't really know what is triggering the reaction.

You can use Food Intolerances to search foods by category, like Meat, Dairy Products or Fish; or search by name. Each item provides details of its composition, like lactose, fructose/glucose ratios, Histamine content and food additives among other details. While the app does not rate specific brands of food, there is enough information to get a pretty clear picture of what foods may be problematic.

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Filters let you select suitable foods, and you can add your own comments. The data is built into the app, so it does not require a data connection unless you use the Wikipedia links for more information. The app also lets you create a safe shopping list that's free of foods you can't have. In a thoughtful touch, the app can display in gray scale for those who are colorblind.

When you start the app, you are asked to check your known food intolerances, and there is a sliding bar that lets you specify your sensitivity. When you search by category or a specific item, you'll see if the food poses any danger to you. The app is very complete, and I found it easy to use without referring to the built-in manual. The app provides options for in-app purchases with nutrition facts and more filters for allergens.

Similar apps that aren't rated as highly by users include Grain or no Grain, Your Food Intolerance and iPhood Intolerance.

The app is a 26 MB download and is optimized for the iPhone 5. Food Intolerances requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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