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Metareview: Deadpool


So you want a stupid action game? Good, you're in luck.
  • EGM (80/100): "If you're a fan of Deadpool, you'll certainly appreciate the experience, but if you're really unfamiliar with the character (even though I don't know how that's possible at this point), you might be a bit wary of having this game be your first experience"
  • Game Informer (60/100): "When I finished this game, I walked away unfulfilled. After a weekend away from it, I found myself chuckling over the crazy things Deadpool said and did. His obsession with Wolverine is particularly funny. The memories I took away from the game were worth the time I put in, even if playing it was a chore."
  • Eurogamer (60/100): "Even with this crudely skewed difficulty curve, it's not hard to romp through the game's six stages without too much trouble, and once it's done there's not much else to do, beyond replaying it all again to max out those upgrade trees or dipping into a selection of one-note challenge stages based on locations you've already grown tired of."
  • IGN (60/100): "On the other hand, much of the Deadpool gameplay experience is formulaic and safe you might think developer High Moon Studios is playing some sort of self-referential "hey, isn't it ironic how normal this is?" meta-gag on you. But it's not."
  • VideoGamer (50/100): "Deadpool is a great character wrapped in a standard (and short) action experience."

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