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Star Trek Online dev blog outlines Lohlunat Festival rewards


In two days, Star Trek Online is going to be hosting quite a party on the pleasure planet of Risa as it kicks off the Lohlunat Festival in-game event. And while you'd think the very act of being on a planet known primarily for its luxury and hospitality would be enough for most people, the folks at Cryptic know that STO players want more than just a relaxing vista; they want shiny items, too. In light of this, the latest Star Trek Online dev blog details all of the nifty rewards players will be able to get their spacefaring hands (or other alien appendages) on throughout the course of the festival.

The festival will introduce two new currencies -- Lohlunat Pearls and Lohlunat Favors -- that players can collect and trade for a variety of rewards. But how do you earn these precious new currencies? Well, Favors can be earned by participating in the Horga'hn Hunt or -- we kid you not-- a dance competition. Pearls, on the other hand, are considerably more rare, and players can only earn 40 per day. Once 1000 pearls have been gathered, they can be used to complete an Event Reputation Project that rewards a shiny new Risian Corvette starship. For all the details on Favors, Pearls, and dance-offs, head on over to the STO official site.

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