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Apple highlights iOS 7 and education, business


The final shipping version of iOS 7 may be months away, but that's not keeping Apple from revving up the marketing engines. The company has published two new pages on its website to tout the advantages of the new OS in both education and business.

On both the education and business pages, Apple's emphasis is on mobile device management (MDM) and single sign on. In education, the top bullet point notes how the upcoming App Store Volume Purchase Program will give institutions the ability to keep ownership and control over app licenses, and how MDM will make it possible to assign apps to students, faculty and staff instantly.

Apple also touts single sign on as a benefit to both education and business users. The new iOS 7 feature allows user credentials to be used across apps, allowing access to enterprise or institutional resources without needing to enter a password multiple times.

For businesses, Apple's also making sure that potential volume purchasers are also aware of the new and improved Mail app, which will bring smart mailboxes, PDF annotations and a better search to business users. iOS 7's collaboration capabilities with both AirDrop and enhanced Apple TV configuration control are seen as a big plus to educational IT departments.

What's your market? Do you think that some of the new iOS 7 features are going to improve usability and efficiency in your workplace? Let us know in the comments.

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