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Apple Store in Bellevue, WA gets flooded due to heavy rain


The Bellevue Square Apple retail store in Bellevue, Wash., was flooded due to heavy rain last night, according to a local Fox news affiliate. The Apple Store was one of a dozen stores in the Bellevue Square Mall that were hit by flooding. More stores in a nearby Seattle mall were also flooded.

In response to the flooding, the Bellevue Square Mall management issued this statement: "Just prior to regular closing hours tonight, the intensity of the rain storm in the Puget Sound region led to water damage at approximately a dozen Bellevue Square stores. The management of The Square is working throughout the night to monitor the situation and conduct any necessary actions to manage the cleanup of any affected stores. The Square will be open during normal business hours tomorrow."

No injuries were reported in the flooding. It is presumed the Bellevue Apple store will be open for business today as normal.

[Photo credit: Q13Fox]

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