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Crowdfunded PSone-style JRPG Soul Saga adds Wii U stretch goal


As part of an ongoing Kickstarter campaign for its retro-styled JRPG Soul Saga, indie developer Disastercake has added an $80,000 stretch goal that will fund the creation of a Wii U port.

Soul Saga cites inspiration from the PSone-era Final Fantasy and Suikoden games, and promises to deliver a similar character-driven experience for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The Wii U version is the only confirmed console port so far, but Disastercake is currently in talks with Sony regarding a potential PS Vita release.

As of this writing, Soul Saga has earned more than $48,000 toward its initial funding goal of $60,000. Soul Saga is also up for vote at Steam Greenlight.

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