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Guacamelee costume DLC returns from the dead


Once more, with feeling! Guacamelee's first DLC pack is available in North America again following its initial problematic launch earlier this month. Europe and the rest of the world can go clothes shopping tomorrow.

The Guacamelee Costume Pack, which costs $1.99 (€1.59/£1.25), includes three different costumes: the Pollo Luchador, a chicken suit that restores health over time; the Skeleton suit, an undead garment bestowing infinite stamina; and the Identity Swap outfit, which increases strike damage at the cost of throw damage. These outfits also accompany a series of new DLC-related Trophies.

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Luchadores can now return to their hometown of Pueblucho dressed in eye-catching styles thanks to Guacamelee!'s first DLC – code named Costume Pack. Along with providing Juan and Tostada with some flair, each style will give luchadores combat abilities to compete for new trophies.

The Guacamelee! Costume Pack is available now in North America for $1.99 and will be available in Europe and the rest of the world tomorrow for €1.59/£1.25.

Character skins:

POLLO LUCHADOR: Players will love the soothing caress of an always-regenerating health meter just as much as the soothing caress of their full-body chicken suit. Is that velvet? Just try to ignore the fact that stamina doesn't regenerate as quickly.
SKELETON: Undead luchador not undead enough for combatants? Become even MORE undead! Gamers can tear through enemies with the implacable stamina of an angry, brittle bone-person, but don't expect much help from health pickups.
IDENTITY SWAP: Cats are barking and dogs meowing! Tostada is dressed as a brawny wrestler! Juan is spooky and bandage-wrapped! These alternate forms of the main characters have tougher punches, but can't throw for beans.


The Costume Pack offers luchadores new challenges and trophies that make getting platinum look like child's play. Put on the Skeleton-suit in the terrifying Caverna del Pollo, explore the countryside looking for the Chicken brothers or showdown against Calaca while wearing only bandages to earn even more trophies.

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