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SMITE throws a disco party with new update


SMITE's boogying down with a new patch today, so heads-up for all of you wanna-be deities out there because the pantheon of the gods is about to clash with 1970s pop culture.

The update has made significant changes to the conquest mode, with wider lanes, jungle fog-of-war, a slimmed-down map, and adjusted camp positions. There are also two new XP camps to be plundered, so level up while you can!

Some of the characters have received tweaks, particularly visual and vocal changes. Most notably, Aphrodite can now assume the "Afro-dite" skin, taking her back to a time when disco was all the rage in the MOBA world.

The patch notes have the full scoop over all of the changes, including teleportation consumables, combat blink, and new rank 3 options. Alternatively, you can check out the patch highlights video after the jump!

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