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Breakfast Topic: What you wish was part of WoW

We all enjoy WoW at least enough that we're still playing it, but that doesn't mean any of us think it's the perfect game. We all have our complaints, even when some of those complaints are just features or story elements we wish Blizzard would add to the game. Will we ever get to see more of Medivh? Will the Titans ever be back? Will Blizzard ever introduce more hero classes? (And if they are, can we suggest looking to Warcraft III's demon hunters and shadow hunters?) Will Hemet Nesingwary ever run out of hunts to send us on?

That last one's a trick question, because we're pretty sure Nesingwary will never run out of targets or willing folk to send off to hunt them. (We just can't say no to the experience points.) But if you had say over what Blizzard was going to be adding to the game... just what would you ask for?

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