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Lockitron now offering low cost easy-to-install hardware for iOS lock control

Mel Martin

We've previously reported on Apple patents that cover unlocking doors using iOS, and we've mentioned the Lockitron system -- a device that covers a deadbolt lock and allows remote locks and unlocks from iOS devices. Lock compatibility was somewhat limited.

Today, the company announced a lower-cost and more direct feature. Partnering with lockmaker Schlage, the company is now offering a single cylinder replacement deadbolt lock for US$29.00. Coupled with the Lockitron hardware and recently updated iOS software, most doors can be opened remotely from any location in the world -- as long as you have a data connection.

The first production units are being shipped next month to people who made early reservations for the original product. Now customers can add the Schlage lock that works with the remote access system. The company maintains a compatibility page if you want to see if your existing locks will work.

The system allows you to control multiple door locks with an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. The software is available at the App Store.

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